Mission to Mars 2049: A Strategic Family Board Game

Mission to Mars 2049

A Strategic Family Board Game

What's your Mars colonisation strategy? Colonise Mars at your dinner table by building and managing a colony on Mars in a race to be the first to build a game winning water extraction station on the Martian North Pole!

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A Strategic Family Board Game

Mission to Mars 2049 is a fun to play family board where your objective is to build and manage your own colony on Mars. You will compete with the other players in a race to be the first coloniser of the Martian North Pole. You start with a single base on the outside of the map and build your colony larger until it stretches all the way up to the Polar Circle. The player who builds the Water Extraction Station in the centre of the map first, wins the game. In order to do that you will need lots of resources and a strategy on how to use the Mission Cards to your advantage. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a more detailed "How to Play?" video!

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"The game is breezy and fun!"

Andy Weir

author of "The Martian"

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Enjoy Hours of Fun

The Game Die

Dynamic Game Mechanics

Learning from the latest trends in board game mechanics Mission to Mars 2049 is a fast-paced, competitive, addictive and unpredictable game that is fun to play from from beginning to end. It’s designed to never lose its pace and to engage all players in the game giving them a chance to win till the very last minute. This is something you could never find in old fashioned games such as Monopoly and the like.


Scientifically Accurate & Educational

Mission to Mars 2049 is based on real scientific challenges that any future colonizers of Mars would face. The game is based in near future that if not us then our children will likely experience during their lifetime. You will not meet alien races, Martians or various galactic monsters in the game. This is a science fiction game and not a fantasy game. If you love science and Mars colonisation in real life, then rest assured that this game will not insult your intelligence.


Show Your Strategy Skills

Do you love strategic board games? Mission to Mars 2049 is all about strategy. Each player has a simple goal - to reach the planet's North Pole before anyone else. However, how you will beat your opponents to it, relies entirely on a strategy you will develop during the game. You can risk by buying Peaceful Mission cards and possibly get ahead faster this way, you can build resource stations as quickly as possible to have more resources coming in, you can play bad and attack other players by buying Aggressive mission cards or you can develop a strategy on your own. Depending on what strategies your opponents will choose, each game will require you to adapt and develop new strategies too.


Highest Quality Components

Mission to Mars 2049 is printed by one of the best board game manufacturers in the world Ludo Fact Gmbh. in Germany. It features only the highest quality cardboard components, it is toy safety certified and every detail of it is made to be highly durable and last as long as possible. For the parts that might suffer most from usage over time or the parts that might get lost easily there are reserve parts already built in the game so that you can easily replace them without contacting us about it.


How to Play "Mission to Mars 2049"?


Frequently Asked Questions

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Mission to Mars 2049: A Strategic Family Board Game
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